Spoiled for choice: the big Punch and Judy show of the chancellorship candidates


Spoiled for choice: the big Punch and Judy show of the chancellorship candidates

ÖVP, SPÖ and FPÖ express shame about thin beer, hot hamburgers, cheap garden sheds and evil Taliban. The festival season is effectively over, but the political summer theater shows no signs of ending. An overview of the biggest missteps and embarrassments.

The three largest parties ÖVP, SPÖ and FPÖ have been making headlines for weeks that could fill several satirical magazines. ÖVP boss and Chancellor Karl Nehammer is currently inflaming emotions with statements about child nutrition. During a social gathering among party friends, he said that in Austria all parents could afford a hot meal for their children.

The out-of-control Chancellor?
“The cheapest hot meal is a hamburger at McDonald’s,” the chancellor said, sparking a heated debate about child malnutrition and the head of government’s perceived aloofness. A few days earlier, another video from Nehammer caused a real “storm in a beer glass”.

He was filmed drinking with an ex of Krügerl in the Ausseer Kirtag. But before those who were excited about it could applaud, it was revealed that the supposed Krügerl was one-eighth of beer diluted with water.

SORA Institute crashes with SPÖ strategy document
The latest commotion around the SPÖ was significantly less funny for the actors. After an ‘SPÖ strategy document’ from the opinion research institute SORA was accidentally made public, Günther Ogris had to resign from management. The ORF ends its electoral cooperation with the company. The SPÖ did not commission the newspaper, but the newspaper still has a bad reputation.

The Reds are also trying to create negative headlines themselves. The SPÖ has been campaigning against the rich for months and demanding wealth taxes throughout the country, while after a rededication the Viennese comrades secured exclusive allotments at the swimming lake for a bargain price.

FPÖ leader Kickl has a problem
FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl is also not having much fun with some of his party members at the moment. A group of former officials visited the radical Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan. Former EU parliament member Andreas Mölzer and former National Councilor Johannes Hübner are now even threatened with expulsion from the party. What is even more annoying for Kickl is that even an active representative wanted to participate in the trip.

Axel Kassegger is stepping down from his role as foreign policy spokesman. The representative of Styria, who also had to deal with negative headlines in recent months as chairman of the Graz FPÖ, was probably under heavy pressure from the club management. Because Kickl wrote in a broadcast that he had asked to vote out the foreign policy spokesperson at the upcoming club meeting: “I interpret his insight and his current withdrawal as foreign policy spokesperson as an act of active contrition.”

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