Interview with the PNV delegate, Aitor Esteban, today, October 6, 2023, on Radio Euskadi


Interview with the PNV delegate, Aitor Esteban, today, October 6, 2023, on Radio Euskadi

The PNV delegate announced that the Yeltzales are already in negotiations with Sánchez, although he reiterated that he does not rule out repeat elections because they are ‘complicated’. He would not reveal whether the Junts and the PSOE are also negotiating a referendum: “I don’t know exactly what is being asked or what the deadlines are.”

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“If the river sounds so much, it is because it transports water,” the PNV delegate and spokesperson for the Basque Group in the Congress of Deputies summarized: Aitor Estebanthe negotiations surrounding a amnesty law between Junts per Catalunya (JxCAT) and the PSOE. In fact, he has assured that “they have been working on it for a long time” and concepts It has been in place “for a long time”, although he clarified that the agreement “has not yet been concluded”.

When asked in an interview for the ‘Boulevard’ program on Radio Euskadi whether both were also negotiating a possible referendum, Deputy Yeltzale avoided clarifying this. “They should ask the Junts that question, because I cannot speak for them, and I don’t know exactly what they are looking for, the content, their deadlines… Parliament’s statement is sufficiently ambiguous that we don’t know where they to talk about. about it,” he said. insisted.

What Esteban has announced is that they have already started the negotiations between the PNV and the PSOE faced with the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. “The ball is already in play,” he summarized, adding that they won’t provide details until “everything is closed.” Despite the PNV’s “will” to reach an agreement, it has admitted that this will be “complicated” and has reiterated that it does not rule out repeat elections.

Esteban has spoken of harnessing “the power” that the Socialist leader’s potential partners have in this term to negotiate on issues such as housing law. A rule that, according to both the Basque government and the Generalitat, “invades powers”. “The only one who says there is no invasion is Bildu. Even the ERC has changed itself and the BNG did not vote in favor,” he added. He claims they will work to “resolve” it and ultimately avoid an appeal to the Constitutional Court.

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