Urkullu assures that the future of self-government paper is in the hands of the parliamentary groups


This has been stated by the Lehendakari, under the full control of the Basque Parliament, in response to the question of Miren Gorrotxategi (Elkarrekin Podemos-IU) whether the self-government proposal should be launched.

Euskaraz irakurri: Autogobernuaren etorkizuna Legebiltzarreko taldeen esku dagoela ziurtatu du Urkulluk

the lehendakari Inigo Urkullu He assured this Friday in the full control of the Basque parliament that the opening and implementation of the self-government proposal is in the hands of the parliamentary groups. However, he has reiterated that he reflected in the same chamber last March on whether this is necessary, as “a lot of progress has been made on this issue in recent legislatures”, although he has shown supporter that the Basque Parliament go back to work in this way.

This is how the lehendakari responded to the MP’s question Look at Gorrotxategi, of Elkarrekin Podemos-IU. According to her, self-government is not on the government’s political agenda; however, recalling the current crises being experienced, he has questioned whether the Basque government, within its legal framework, enough tools to deal with all these situations “civilization change”and has put the implementation of the document on self-government on the table.

“We are often told that certain things cannot be decided because we do not have the necessary skills. For this reason, there are times when we doubt whether this is reality or a simple excuse,” Gorrotxategi said.

Therefore, Urkullu recalled that he had considered last March that the proposal should be discussed and decided in the Basque Parliament, and that, after reaching a consensus and checking whether it has institutional viability, the Basque people should accept or not, proposed by parliament in a referendum

“The debate must take place here (in Parliament). It is up to us to agree and be exemplary and the right to decide of Basque society in a meeting place and not in a space of rupture. We have a solid foundation to make progress in this area,” defended the Lehendakari, who was in favor of reactivating the presentation, but recalled that belongs to the groups

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Source: EITB


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