Interview with Aitor Esteban, spokesperson for the PNV in the congress, about the ETB program “Egun on Euskadi”


For the jeltzale deputy, the main Spanish parties – PSOE and PP – as well as the major media, knew very well the movements of the now emeritus king. “Nobody did anything, nobody said anything,” he said.

The controversies that have arisen around King Emeritus Juan Carlos I will, in the opinion of Aitor Esteban spokesman for the PNV in the Spanish Congress of Deputies, because “there is neither the will on the part of the PSOE nor the PP”.

Interviewed about ETB1’s “Egun On Euskadi” program, the deputy jeltzale felt it urgent to review “which limits the inviolability of the king has and which are not in the Spanish constitution”. “If the manuals of public law are taken, immunity is designed to protect the institutions, but not the practice in the private sphere. It is clear that this part of the jurisprudence needs to be revised, but there is no will to do it “, concluded.

Likewise, Esteban has assured that “the most serious of all” is that “nothing has been clarified” about the alleged crimes committed by the emeritus king and that “no steps have been taken to prevent it from happening again”. “Nothing has been clarified about his money. Where did he get the money? Not only that, it is also normalized for a head of state to deal with private affairs,” he specified.

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Source: EITB


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