The Basque government will approve the new Basque normalization decree this afternoon


The Governing Council will meet at 5 p.m. after it was postponed last Tuesday due to the death of Lehendakari’s mother.

The Basque government council will meet on Thursday afternoon approve the new decree for the normalization of the use of Basque in the Basque public sector.

The meeting was scheduled for last Tuesday morning, but was postponed due to the serious health condition of Lehendakari’s mother, Flori Renteria, who died hours later.

Thus, the Governing Council, chaired by Urkullu, will finally take place today at 5 p.m. She will approve the new Basque decree, through which the executive will make the system for allocating language profiles in the public sector more flexible.

In addition, it will allow public services working in Basque to carry out tests in Basque on candidates for government jobs that require knowledge of this language.

The text of the new decree on the normalization of the use of Basque in the Basque public sector has been adapted to the recent court rulings against regulations regarding the treatment of Basque in the Basque governments, and has been unanimously approved by the Legal Advisory Commission of Euskadi .

This will replace the current decree, which dates from 1997, and adapt the linguistic standardization criteria to the ‘new times’. The aim is to guarantee the language rights of all citizens and deepen the use of Basque through “flexible, progressive and achievable” measures.

The decree has been compared with all departments of the Basque government with public employees, as well as with the parties of the parliament, the three provincial councils, Eudel, trade unions or associations, in order to reach “maximum consensus” to take new steps in the normalization of the Basque in a “progressive, flexible” way.

Source: EITB


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