Bautista: “It seems that I have finally found the key to what is happening to me”


After a brilliant career that led him to become one of the best tennis players in Spain in recent times, Roberto Bautista is fighting to return to the elite after a few months marked by physical problems which led him to drop to 97th place in the world ranking. The man from Castellón spoke to Mundo Deportivo after his career at the Qatar Open held in Doha earlier than desired (first round in both singles and doubles), a “bad tournament” according to what itself what he confessed.

Question: How do you feel at this point in the season?

Answer: The truth is that I have been feeling a lot of pain in my body for several months, not because I am not working but on the contrary. I fight a lot, train a lot… but hey, now it seems like I finally found the key to what’s going on with me and let’s see if I feel better now.

What are your plans for the next few weeks?

I will go to the qualifier in Dubai, then I will train for a few days at home and then I will go to Miami to play the qualifier. Then I will focus on the clay court tour.

He had a bad past due to injuries…

Last year was very complicated, although in the end the problem seems to have been solved. But at the beginning of this year I had problems again. I’m trying to get fit and it’s costing me. Let’s see if I’m getting better now.

His case is very similar to other racket stars such as Rafa Nadal, Andy Murray or Dominic Thiem, who remain in the gap despite everything they suffer.

Not giving up is in our DNA. We don’t see any other way to deal with our daily life, fighting, finding our good looks, trying to improve even at our age… It’s clear that our physique is not what it was when we were 20 years old. , but hey, we fight every day.

This is done for the love of tennis, because it should not be pleasant to face a panorama like this…

Yes. It’s hard, but also rewarding to work, train and then enjoy your best level on the court again. This is the dopamine that this sport gives us.

In a recent interview, he admitted that the injuries set him back a lot

Yes. You have doubts. When you have these kinds of problems in your 20s you don’t hesitate and move forward, but at this age you consider things. But hey, for now I hope to improve myself, keep improving and see if I can turn the situation around.

In a season that also has the Olympic Games, without forgetting the Davis Cup…

Now I’m just thinking about getting back to my best level. I don’t set any other goals. If they come, it’s a consequence of doing things well, but right now I’m just trying to find my best version.

Champion in 2019 and 2022, finalist in 2021… What does Doha need to be the most successful event of your career?

This is my favorite tournament, I like the conditions here. The truth is that I enjoyed and played very good tennis. It’s a shame that this year things didn’t go well, but hey, it’s time to keep working and find solutions.

What do you think of the controversy over the emergence of countries like Qatar or Arabia in the world of tennis and sports in general?

They are countries with very good economic potential and can contribute a lot of resources to our sport. For tennis, everything that has to do with growth and expansion is good. They bet too much, and not only in tennis but also in other sports.

Alcaraz champion of Wimbledon, Sinner champion of the Australian Open… How do you see the current circuit?

I see a very high average level, with many young players showing their heads. I think last year’s top 10 was at a great level. This is modern tennis, lots of punches, very aggressive and very strong players. Different tennis than what was played a few years ago.

And about Spanish tennis, what do you think is happening so that there are less and less elite players?

It is difficult for us to have a generation like the 80s or 90s. Then many players came out, some very good batches. We will wait. Young players are coming from behind, although not as much as before. The Spanish Federation is fighting to improve that, it is investing a lot in having tournaments, where youngsters can play and compete against high level rivals. I think this is something to see in a few years.

Source: La Verdad


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