Democratic Union Minister Edwin Potts considers renaming headquarters to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee


Agriculture Minister Edwin Potts

DUP Agriculture Secretary Edwin Potts is considering renaming his headquarters in Stormont to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

It is understood that the Balikil house outside Limavad could be called the “Jubilee House” according to the suggestions, sources in Belfast Live said.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Agriculture declined to comment on the ongoing election campaign in Scripolo.

The DUP and Mr. Potts also did not respond to a request for comment.

It has been suggested that the proposed change could spark controversy with the Treasury, headed by Sinn Fein Secretary Connor Murphy.

The ministry declined to comment on the May elections, but Sinn Fein insisted the ministry had no objection.

A party spokesperson said: “The naming of the DAERA buildings is a matter of DAERA.

The Finance Department does not object and is not interested in taking legal action on this matter.

Ballykelly House, a $21 million facility that opened in 2018, is located in the former military base of Shackleton on Co-Deer on the banks of Love Foil.

Earlier this year, the DUP accused Sinn Fein of disrespecting Northern Ireland’s union culture and identity by blocking an application to celebrate Northern Ireland’s centenary and the Queen’s anniversary.

Unionist politicians complained that the Treasury refused to allow trees to be planted on Stormont’s estate for the Queen’s anniversary.

Mr. Murphy said he is against the current policy, which only allows international events to be reported. However, he later announced plans to revise the policy.

In February, the Assembly Committee – made up of representatives of Stormont’s main parties and heads of Parliament buildings – decided to plant a tree on its grounds to celebrate the Queen’s anniversary.

In 2016, Stormont’s Department of Agriculture became embroiled in a controversy over changing the ship’s name from Irish to English.

Michelle McElvin, then-DUP Secretary of Agriculture, came under fire when it was revealed that the name of the patrol ship “Banríon Uladh” had been changed to the English translation of “Queen of Ulster”.

At the time, the minister supported the name change and said his ministry was pursuing a “monolingual policy”.

The fisheries protection vessel was originally named Sinn Féin by Michel Guildernu, Minister of Agriculture, after its purchase in 2010.

Source: Belfastlive


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