Pro-Palestinian demonstrations – Nehammer met with the head of the Islamic Community


After pro-Palestinian rallies in Austria that escalated violently, Chancellor Karl Nehammer and Islamic Religious Community (IGGÖ) chairman Ümit Vural met for talks. During the meeting it was agreed to identify radicalized persons in a timely manner and to take action against them through even more intensive cooperation.

A statement from the Chancellery said everyone agreed that terror abuses religions and seeks to divide and destroy democratic societies. We must wage a decisive battle against this. There are “worrying developments also in Austria,” Nehammer emphasized. Vural also complained about the “unbearable polarization, inhumane rhetoric and lack of empathy” currently taking place. “We must not allow the conflict in the Middle East to have a negative effect on peaceful coexistence in Austria,” Vural said. Many people are currently powerless in the face of the terrible images that have reached us.

The IGGÖ once again emphasized that the conflict in the Middle East is not religious in nature. Any violence and attacks on Jewish people and institutions in Austria, which have increased in recent days, would be strongly rejected and condemned.

Nehammer: All religions receive equal protection
After the meeting with Vural, Nehammer emphasized that all religious communities in Austria received the same protection and appreciation from the state. Religion must be recognized as unifying and not dividing. Under no circumstances should it be misused by terrorists “for their barbaric activities.”

Source: Krone


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