The PSOE and Sumar conclude their agreement to form a coalition government today, October 24, 2023


Sánchez and Díaz will ratify the pact this afternoon (12:30 p.m.). Both leaders met yesterday to finalize “the final details” of the negotiations, including the reduction of the working day to 37.5 hours per week.

He PSOE and Sumar have reached a programmatic agreement to form a new “progressive” coalition government after its leaders, Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz, finalized the details of a pact that, among other things, the reduction of working hours (37.5 hours per week) without salary reduction, the main obstacle that separated the company.

This was announced today in a joint statement, noting that the agreement comes ahead of the deadline set by both groups to achieve it. The General Secretary of the PSOE and Acting President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchezand the leader of Sumar and Second Vice President of the Central Government and Acting Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diazthey will ratify the pact at 12:30 p.m at a public event.

“This is a response to the clear message sent by citizens during the July 23 elections: the rejection of a right-wing and far-right government in Spain, and the mandate to continue making progress on rights and freedoms,” they stressed .

The PSOE and Sumar emphasize that this is the purpose of the plenary session employment opportunities It will be a “priority” in the new legislature and “will permeate the entire agreement”. It includes “ambitious progress” on the labor front, such as reducing working hours without cutting wages and immediately implementing a shock plan against youth unemployment.

Furthermore, the pact is committed to strengthening the public system of health and the increase in public parkland residence with the aim of reaching 20% ​​of the total park; the upward revision of the objectives of the Climate Change Act; the expansion of paid maternity leave; the universalization of education from 0 to 3 years, with the guarantee that access to public education for boys and girls from the age of two will be universal by the end of the legislature, and a ‘fair’ tax reform causing ‘banks and large energy companies to contribute to government spending’.

Both parties indicate that the pact “will serve a four-year term, enable our country to continue to grow sustainably and with quality employment, develop policies based on social and climate justice, and promote the rights, feminist achievements and freedoms expand.”

Source: EITB


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