The details of the package – Finally improvements for surgical assistants in Tyrol


At the beginning of July 2023 – as reported in detail – surgical assistants at the Innsbruck clinic sounded the alarm: “We are at the limit, our daily work is hell, the system will collapse!” The responsible State Councilor Cornelia Hagele (ÖVP) responded and in recent months a package of measures has been put together to improve the situation. This is now available, the “crown” has the exact details.

It was the surgical assistants in the operating area east of the operating room of the Innsbruck clinic whose patience finally broke and who made their grievances known to the “Krone”. For example, they talked about closed operating rooms, postponed operations, waiting patients, missing toilet and coffee breaks during work and about tasks that they are actually not allowed to perform according to the law.

Source: Krone


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