Interview on Radio Euskadi with Enrique Lucas, member of the CGPJ about the statement against the amnesty law


He has justified his vote against the statement against the amnesty bill approved by the General Council for the Judiciary and stated that he has always opposed these types of statements. “The value of our opinion is that which arises from specific texts,” he clarified.

The member of the General Council for the Judiciary, Enrique Lucashas been interviewed in the program “Boulevard” on Radio Euskadi, where he was asked about the statement on the amnesty law approved by the conservative sector of the CGPJ, to which he responded strongly: “I voted against the declarationbecause I understand that as long as there is no text to analyze, any opinion is uncomfortable.”

Lucas has justified his vote by stating that has always been opposed for these types of institutional explanations. “The value of our opinion is that which arises from specific texts,” he clarified.

In any case, he has denied that it was a full tension. “There were two clearly defined positions. It was a calm, civil and cordial debate“, added.

He also said that the judges of the CGPJ They have no power of any kind. “Constitutionality must be determined by the Constitutional Court. I don’t think we can make a statement about it without knowing the text, it would be somewhat incoherent. It is the courts that must apply the law in every case, and the Constitutional Court will have the final say,” he stressed.

The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has approved a statement against the amnesty law, in which the PSOE negotiates with the Catalan parties ahead of the investiture.

Source: EITB


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