“The air is getting thinner” – Doskozil has to undergo another operation


His voice sounds rough again, breathing is more difficult for him than in recent weeks – after his budget speech in the Burgenland state parliament today, Hans Peter Doskozil announced that he would have to undergo further laryngeal treatment. He expects a break of up to three weeks.

In 2002, Doskozil was under the care of specialist doctors in Germany after completing his fifth laryngeal surgery. After his rehabilitation, in his first public appearance almost exactly a year ago, he also delivered the budget speech in the state parliament and set the route for the financial budget – just like today.

Speech in state parliament
The SPÖ state leader has now announced that he will return to the University Hospital in Leipzig in a week. “I have always been open about my illness. “That is why I have now made it public in the state parliament that I will again undergo a safe correction operation on the larynx,” Doskozil said in the meeting room.

Three week break
Nothing has changed in the clinical picture: in the case of the governor, it is a rare, harmless hardening of the cartilage structure. “Because in my case it is chronic, this ossification can occur again and again, and at different time intervals that are difficult to estimate,” Doskozil explains. He expects to be able to work in the office again in three weeks.

The work continues
“My political work this time will not be affected in any way by the intervention. “I will work closely with my team during my absence,” Doskozil emphasized. He asked for understanding. “For me, Burgenland is still at the top at the moment, and it will stay that way!”

Source: Krone


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