Appearance on Russian TV – Kneissl about Austria: “Three knives in the back”


Once a sought-after author and expert, who was later appointed Foreign Minister by Sebastian Kurz and Heinz-Christian Strache, almost no one in this country today asks about Karin Kneissl. An appearance on Russian state television comes at just the right time, for example to put an end to some taunts against the “old homeland.” The famous ponies were also allowed to appear in front of the camera.

Karin Kneissl has often emphasized in the past that she sees herself as a ‘displaced person’. Now the German branch of the Russian state broadcaster “Russia Today” has dedicated a twenty-minute documentary to this self-image.

It is not entirely clear what exactly Kneissl does
After Kneissl had to resign from her position on the supervisory board of the Russian oil company Rosneft in May 2022 at the insistence of Moscow, her own institute was quickly established at the University of Saint Petersburg. The facility is called GORKI. However, what exactly Kneissl does there is not made clear throughout the documentation.

You will see a simulated discussion about energy sources in which students represent the representatives of the countries involved. According to her own statement, she is concerned with “issues such as energy, migration, international relations” and “key questions in Russian geopolitics”. In any case, the office with antique furniture is spacious and Kneissl’s dogs also feel visibly at ease.

Appearance of the famous ponies
Then we go to the famous ponies, which – as we reported – also found their way to St. Petersburg thanks to the Russian air force. The mini Shetland ponies were of course also allowed on camera and the opportunity was immediately used to condemn the “media shitstorm” to which Mrs Kneissl was allegedly exposed.

After all, the fact that Kneissl allowed himself to be photographed on an injured horse does not entirely fit the image of the animal lover. The gray horse’s left hind leg had been treated with a lot of blue spray, which is used for skin lesions.

“Then you have three knives in your back.”
Finally, the ex-minister, who received a salary of around 18,000 euros per month in the civil service, does not hesitate to lash out at Austria: “Everything is much clearer in Russia. In Austria and Central Europe you smile at each other and then you have three knives in your back.”

She also complains that demands have been made to revoke her Austrian citizenship. The fact is: Russian ruler Vladimir Putin, with whom Kneissl has a close relationship, could naturalize her by decree. If Kneissl does not receive permission from domestic authorities for dual citizenship, she would most likely lose her Austrian citizenship.

Source: Krone


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