Egiari Zor asks institutions for public recognition for the victims of state violence


The foundation demands an end to the ‘asymmetrical treatment’ towards victims who are not from ETA. The event was dedicated “to all those who continue to fight for the recognition of the truth” and to those who want to “steal their right to memory”.

The Egiari Zor foundation has asked the institutions, as a tribute to those who were leaders of HB Santi Brouard and Josu Muguruza murdered by the GAL and a far-right group 39 and 34 years ago respectively, issued a statement of public recognition of what was done under the aegis of state violence and demanded an end to “asymmetric treatment” towards victims who did not. were from ETA.

The tribute first consisted of a floral offering in the Ametzola Parkin front of the sculpture of former parliamentarian HB Santi Brouard and afterwards they spoke Rekalde Squarewhere another event took place with the intervention of Pilar Garaialde, daughter of the taxi driver Paulo Garaialde who was murdered by Triple A in 1982, who read a statement by Egiari Zor.

The memorial meeting, in addition to family and friends of Brouard and Muguruza, was also attended by the spokesperson of EH Bildu in the General Assemblies of Bizkaia, Iker Casanova, and the spokesperson of the coalition in the Bilbao City Council, María del Río. .

Garaialde pointed out on behalf of the Foundation that the event is also dedicated “to all those who continue to fight for the recognition of the truth” and to whom “they want to steal their right to memory.”

According to him, there have been several actions against the Right to Memory in recent months, including one in Bilbao, regarding two cases of violent death that “remain unresolved” after half a century, that of Txabi Etxebarrieta and Jon Urzelaiwho were killed by the bullets of the Franco regime”.

For this reason, they have indicated that they would appreciate it if the mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, would start the necessary process to obtain the documentation that would help clarify both cases, as they are faced with “two alleged extrajudicial killings”.

Memory websites

Similarly, he has denounced that many Basque municipal councils have removed the only official recognition granted to them through the Memoria websites, claiming that “the perpetrators cannot be victims”. However, he has denounced that some of his perpetrators are honored annually by various institutions, given their parallel status as victims, and that “continuous praise” is dedicated to them.

From Egiari Zor they have emphasized that “where there was no morality, mechanisms of recognition and reparation were made possible” that “fortunately yield results” in Euskadi, where they About 334 victims have already been officially recognized. The Foundation has stated that there will be “many more” to come as it will continue to work so that “no case of violation of fundamental rights is forgotten.”

“He June 26 It is the date on which we hope that the annual day of remembrance will be established for us and that it can soon be celebrated at the Center for the Memory of State Victims, where the La Cumbre Palace. Exactly where the first GAL action took place 40 years ago; where Lasa and Zabala remained kidnapped and brutally tortured,” he indicated.

Silence pact

“Because the Spanish state was in a so-called democracy, the PSOE government of Felipe González launched the ZEN plan. A mechanism that enabled torture as a police tool and which in turn enabled the creation of the GAL,” he added.

In his opinion, those who supported this state strategy ‘politically and medially’, those who guaranteed ‘impunity’ to their perpetrators, those who ‘signed a pact of silence and all those who, with their consensus, allowed terrorism ‘to become another instrument’. in the service of the state, they must all take a step forward.”

Source: EITB


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