Smoke wafted into the cabin – fire in Vienna: mother and child were stuck in the elevator!


A mother and her son were in the elevator cabin of a residential building in Vienna-Floridsdorf when a fire broke out. The Vienna Fire Department arrived to free her.

More than ten fire engines went into action on Monday afternoon when the alarm went off about a fire in the Leopold-Ferstl-Gasse. Fortunately, thanks to the nearby fire station at Spitz, they were quickly on the scene.

The elevator system caught fire
The elevator system caught fire there. The stairs were already heavily smoked, the mother (42) and her ten-month-old child were trapped in the elevator car, which was also full of smoke, the fire brigade announced in the evening.

The two were immediately released from the elevator and taken to a safe area. There they had to be resuscitated by firefighters and rescue workers.

Three firefighters injured
The injured mother and child were flown to a hospital by emergency helicopter. Three firefighters were also injured during the operation. They suffered smoke inhalation and were treated at the scene.

The fire was extinguished using breathing apparatus. Dozens of firefighters from the professional fire brigade and several professional rescue teams were involved in the operation.

Source: Krone


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