The new government, the Education Act in its final phase and the SiemensGamesa plan


Summary of the most important news that will publish today.

These are the topics that monopolize it main headlines from next Tuesday, November 21:

The new government of Spain: Following the announcement of the composition of Spain’s new executive branch, the ministers appointed by Pedro Sánchez they will promise their positions for King Felipe VI from this Tuesday at 9:30 am as a preliminary step to take over the portfolios of their predecessors at the headquarters of each ministry.

The Education Act in its final phase: After an extensive processing process characterized by meetings and disagreementsthe new Law of education Basque walks towards her final stage. Next Tuesday, the Education Working Group will meet in the Basque Parliament with the aim of reaching consensus and finalizing the final text of the law. However, the outlook has been challenging since then EH Bildu announced this yesterday through its general coordinator Arnaldo Otegi will vote against. With the opposition of this party, the approval of the law will depend solely on the favorable votes of the PNV and its partner PSE-EE.

Siemens plan for Gamesa: Siemens Energy will adjustment plan for Gamesa. A million dollar loss was expected, and Siemens Energy’s fiscal year-end (which runs from October to October) has culminated with net loss of 4,588 million euros, caused by the “serious and unexpected setback” suffered by its wind subsidiary Siemens Gamesa. The figure, announced today via a press release, represents five times the red figures of the previous year (there were 940 million losses).

Source: EITB


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