The amnesty bill will begin in Congress when it is fully debated


It has moved forward with the votes in favor of the PSOE and Sumar deputies and with the rejection of the PP.

The Congress board gave the green light on Tuesday to consider the proposal Organic amnesty law which the PSOE registered after agreeing on the text with the independents of the ERC and the Junts, a qualification that has continued with the votes in favor of the PSOE and Sumar deputies and with the rejection of the PP.

The decision of the Chamber’s governing body comes after the legal report prepared by the Chamber’s lawyers, which pointed out that the PSOE text does not contain a “flanking contradiction” to the Constitution that would motivate its veto, although it admits doubts about its unconstitutionality which the TC can decide at that time, but which are not the responsibility of the Board to clarify.

In addition to qualifying the bill, the processing has been ratified by the emergency route requested by both the PSOE and its investiture partners, who together represent the absolute majority of Congress.

This means everyone parliamentary deadlines will be shortened halfway, speeding up the presentation of full and partial amendments and facilitating debate in plenary. The PSOE’s plan is to pass the law in Congress December for referral to the Senate, where the PP has an absolute majority and plans to delay the proceedings up to the maximum of two months set out in the Constitution.

Source: EITB


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