Na Rochaden – Raab: ‘My dismissal is not up for discussion’


Minister Susanne Raab continues to believe in the government after castling, she says during the ‘Krone’ visit to Graz.

„krone“: There are currently nine male and five female ministers – quite an imbalance. As Minister for Women, why didn’t you campaign for more women after resigning?
Susanne Raab:
Fortunately, if you look at the governments of the past years and decades, it has only gotten better and better. The chancellor assembles his own team. He always makes sure that the perspective of women and families plays a big role.

There are still fewer women than before.
My wish is always that it be right. So I hope things get better in the future.

Viennese ÖVP boss Karl Mahrer drew attention with a quote: “The children are at home, the wife is at home, sometimes the table in the living room is full, because that’s where the cake is baked.” Is that the image of the women’s ÖVP?
Absolutely not. He also explained at the time that this was not in line with his image of the woman – nor, of course, with that of the ÖVP. We are a modern, young party where everyone should be able to realize their own way of life. I’m fine with moms staying at home longer with the kids, and I’m also fine with going right back to work, like I did after two months.

The new 15a agreement on childcare was recently presented. The social partners criticize that the lack of skilled labor among primary school teachers has not been taken into account. How should we manage the expansion?
In this agreement, investments are always made only in the expansion – in opening hours, facilities and childcare places. At the same time, there are initiatives from the Minister of Education to get more teachers into training and employment.

Would you have liked a headscarf ban in kindergarten – which has been overturned by the Constitutional Court?
Yes. I am very sorry that it has not been received. I don’t want a girl to wear a headscarf in kindergarten. I think that’s wrong. But we live in a constitutional state.

So far, nearly 72,000 Ukrainians have been registered in Austria, and 1,700 had found work by early May. Isn’t that too little?
24,000 of them are children. Currently, many are still in a waiting position because they want to return. Once the German has reached a level, access to the labor market will also be faster and better.

There have been many layoffs at the ÖVP lately. Do you have this too?
Resignation is out of the question. I am very happy to be a minister, also in Karl Nehammer’s team.

The government likes?
Of course.

Source: Krone


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