There are new “weapons” – notebook and pen, see you soon! An app will soon be used to conduct research


Crime control 2.0 must become a reality in Austria. Cameras, high-tech cell phones, etc. should make this possible.

In Vienna Meidling the time had come on Friday evening: Interior Minister Gerhard Karner and Director General Franz Ruf presented the new ‘weapons’ to the Austrian police. These are not new guns or handcuffs, but rather smartphones and tablets.

New app as highlight
With a budget of more than four billion euros, a revolution is being brought about in the police apparatus. The highlight is the brand new police app! It turns any business mobile phone into a multifunctional tool: whether it’s scanning ID cards, photographing license plates or asking quick questions: the app makes it possible.

But that’s not all: the first 3,000 body cameras will be delivered by the end of the year to increase officer safety. In addition, the police are pumping ten million euros into the renewal of its helicopter fleet in 2024. So nothing stands in the way of more efficient crime fighting!

Source: Krone


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