Gipuzkoa’s government will try to reach agreement on budgets with EH Bildu after the refusals of Elkarrekin and PP


Gipuzkoa’s general deputy, Eider Mendoza, regrets that the negotiations were “very advanced”, and believes that the negative position of the two sides is “certainly due to party interests outside the territory”.

Gipuzkoa’s general deputy, Eider Mendoza, regrets that Elkarrekin and PP are “closing the road to a budget agreement” and has stated that she will continue to work towards reaching an agreement with EH Bildu.

In a statement, given the position of Elkarrekin and PP, as opposed to giving their support to the regional budget project for next year, Mendoza indicated that he hopes to “make progress in the negotiations with EH Bildu so that the interests of the community above all else.” Guipuzcoan society”.

In addition, he criticized the fact that “the negative position expressed in recent hours” by these two formations “is certainly due to party interests outside our territory, which are more related to the political and electoral situation.”

The provincial president has demonstrated her “commitment and total willingness to move forward in the negotiations that remain open with EH Bildu” so that “the interests of Gipuzkoan society prevail above all else.”

Furthermore, he explained that negotiations “were very advanced this week with all political parties.” “Since the proposal was presented at the end of October, a total of fourteen meetings have been held with the three joint opposition groups,” he indicated.

Likewise, he emphasized that the PNV and PSE-EE provincial government in Guipuzco “has at all times engaged in dialogue and negotiations with all parties, in order to obtain the greatest possible consensus.” “The lack of changes on the whole is a sign of the harmony that has existed so far to move forward in the negotiations,” Mendoza said.

On the other hand, he stated that “negotiations with EH Bildu remain open and a new meeting will take place next Monday, in which the regional government will present a new proposal to respond to the requests of this joint group.”

Mendoza has expressed his confidence that EH Bildu will take a ‘constructive’ attitude to reach an agreement that ‘will, among other things, allow us to move forward in the expansion of the new healthcare model, in economic promotion and in sustainable mobility’. “There is not much time before the deadline for submitting partial amendments, but if Bildu has the political will and vision, we are substantively close,” he said.

Source: EITB


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