Education professional Landau: – “TikTok hate videos radicalize in schools”


Watching and applauding violent videos in local schools leads to the willing use of violence in everyday life outside the school system, says teacher and education activist Daniel Landau in the interview with

“The spread of TikTok is a major concern for teachers. Many violent videos, such as the one about the Hamas terror of October 7 last year, are flooding these social media channels. They are hate videos that glorify violence. This celebration of the brutal attack should not be allowed.”

‘Tunnel vision increasingly towards hate videos’
Landau also criticizes the TikTok algorithm, which leads to young people being presented with more and more such content after seeing such videos: “The media channels have an interest in keeping you trapped in the system. So they continue with that kind of content.” He himself would advise young people to break the algorithm. “Because if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself increasingly tunnel-visioned towards these hate videos.”

The authority of teachers is also put under pressure by the videos: only those who know how to radiate human authority are taken seriously by the video-using young people, who can be found from the age of ten, eleven or twelve.

What should you do about it?
Landau: “The only way to combat these emotions is through individual school projects. For example, when Jewish young people are sent to schools to report on their lives and make personal contact with students. Otherwise, only pure violence will reign over the consumed videos.”

You can see all further details about the current problems in the local school system in the video above.

Source: Krone


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