Suggestions welcome – The Court of Audit is once again handing out inadmissible donations


This year, the Court of Audit must allocate 15,343 euros in inadmissible party donations to “charitable or scientific purposes”. This time the money goes to organizations for violence and victim protection.

Citizens can now make suggestions via email, direct message on Instagram or Facebook or by post (Dampfschiffstraße 2, 1030 Vienna, password Citizen Participation) about which violence and victim protection organizations should receive money from the “financing pot”. These are inadmissible donations to political parties, which, according to party law, must be forwarded to the Court of Audit. The facility then distributes the money further.

NEOS received the most donations in 2023
Proposals can be submitted until Monday 5 February. The Court of Audit is not only obliged to report non-permissible party donations, but also to publish (permitted) donations of 500 euros or more on its website. From January to March 2023, the NEOS received the most with 34,800 euros, followed by the ÖVP (13,240 euros), the SPÖ (6,122 euros) and the Greens (5,230 euros). The FPÖ received only one donation of 2,500 euros at the time. Some party donations come directly from members, including well-known politicians.

Source: Krone


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