The Junts and the PSOE agree on an amendment to the amnesty law on terrorist crimes


The announcement was made by Junts spokesperson Míriam Nogueras, although she did not provide details about the pact. The Congressional Justice Commission is meeting today to debate changes to the text of the standard.

The spokesperson for Together in Congress, Míriam Nogueras announced on Tuesday that she has reached a point agreement with the PSOE to retouch “the reference to terrorist crimes” in the amnesty law, but did not detail the content of what was agreed.

In statements in Congress, prior to the meeting of the Justice Commission that will discuss the amendments to this law, the Junts spokesperson indicated that the agreement with the PSOE consists of two compromise amendments which have also been signed by Esquerra Republicana, among others.

After the presentation meeting, the two Catalan independence groups decided to keep alive the amendments that they had alone and separately registered before the committee, including the two asking that the amnesty be also applied to terrorist crimes, including those acts where one weighs the final verdict .

On the other hand, the European Commission He said today that he “takes the investigation into the amnesty law very seriously” but will only complete his review after the parliamentary debate in Spain has concluded. “To complete our assessment, we must base it on the law that has already been adopted, something that has not yet happened,” clarified Julien, the head of the rule of law and fundamental rights department of the Directorate General of Justice. Mousnier.

He also indicated that Brussels has been in contact with the Spanish authorities “from the beginning” and that it is observing the national legislative process. Once the Regulation has adopted its final form, the Commission will determine “whether it is consistent” with European law and with the fundamental values ​​of the European Union, including, the community representative stressed, “the provisions of criminal law on terrorism, corruption and protection of the EU’s financial interests”.

Source: EITB


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