“The Madrid project is very innovative and imaginative”


The launch of Formula 1 Grand Prix In Madrid it was experienced at IFEMA, where the circuit is from 2026. A debut that does not miss Emilio Butragueño and José Ángel Sánchez, from Real Madrid. Cerezo and Miguel Ángel Gil, from Atlético de Madrid, and Carlos Sainz and Luis Pérez Sala, among others.

This official Grand Prix ceremony began with a Spanishized version of the Formula 1 anthem. An official that, by the way, took place before the presentation ceremony took place.

José Vicente de los Mozos, president of the Executive Committee of Ifema, spoke first. “The idea of ​​doing another Grand Prix, outside of what is known, and inside, for the first time, a great European capital,” he said, adding that “a covered, air-conditioned Paddock Club with all facilities. for teams. And the Grand Prix best connected by transport in the world, a few minutes from the center and 5 minutes from the airport. A sustainable economic model without public expenditure. Ifema will be the organizer, but we will have some of the best promoters in the world,” he explained. José Vicente de los Mozos, who before taking the stage, told the media that “Madrid wants to deepen the development of a new paradigm that combines sport and entertainment, offering an unforgettable event.”

Then it was the turn of Stefano Domenicali which began by congratulating Carlos Sainz for winning the Dakar. The Formula 1 CEO hopes that having the Grand Prix in Madrid “will be a motivation for Carlos Sainz Jr. and Fernando Alonso, to stay strong for the immediate future.” Domenicali explained that “competition is important, but so is technology and sustainability. And the Madrid project is very innovative and imaginative.” “I want to thank the Ifema team, the Regional Government of Madrid and the mayor of the city for putting together a fantastic proposal. It truly incorporates the vision of Formula 1 to create a multi-day spectacle of sport and entertainment that offers maximum value for fans and embraces innovation and sustainability,” said Domenicali.

Then it was the turn to show the circuit awaiting approval from the FIA. A circuit designed by the Dromo company. The layout is designed with “the paddock completely covered, for the first time in F1,” said the head of the company, detailing that up to 110,000 spectators will be able to attend the Grand Prix and detailing how and where The main points of circuit is.

José Luis Martínez-Almeidamayor of Madrid, Domenicali wants to thank “for the trust in Madrid to return F1 to Madrid after 44 years. Madrid wants the best F1 GP, not anyone else” and wants to remember the Spanish drivers who has participated in F1 throughout history, in addition to having words for Carlos Sainz and his recent Dakar victory and for his son.

Repair cThe event was marked by saying “It is a great pleasure to announce that Formula 1 will come to the Community of Madrid, in a region and a capital that has awakened to openness and trust within and beyond our borders. We are the driving force of Spain This event, which can be followed by 70 million people, will mean more than 4,500 million euros of increase in Madrid’s GDP and generate more than 8,200 jobs. The Community of Madrid is a region with great international projection, open, multifaceted and competitive and F1 will contribute to further integrate the Madrid brand with the best in the world.” “We will make Madrid the home of F1, because here we are all Spanish, from all over the world,” he ended by saying.

Source: La Verdad


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