50 fighting dogs kept – Upper Austria: 45-year-old in court for animal cruelty


As reported, a 45-year-old in Ansfelden, Upper Austria, kept 50 dogs in small, dirty kennels and used them in fights. Now the man has to appear in court – but not only for animal abuse: the suspect is also accused of drug offenses.

Next Monday, a 45-year-old will appear before the Linz Regional Court for drug sales, weapons possession and animal cruelty. Until September of the previous year, the man is said to have pitifully kept fifty dogs in the basement of his house in small and dirty kennels and used them in fights. Three animals were already dead when the house was searched on September 1, 2023. They would not have gotten enough food or enough water.

Drugs, weapons and counterfeit money
But that’s not all: the suspect is also said to have put 5.6 kilos of amphetamine into circulation. During the search, numerous weapons were found on the 45-year-old, including a pump-action shotgun and a submachine gun, as well as ammunition.

The man also had 112 counterfeit 20 euro notes in his home. Police also seized Nazi devotional items. The investigation into suspected re-activation is being conducted separately and is ongoing.

The 45-year-old suspect has been in custody since September 10, 2023 and faces a prison sentence of up to five years if convicted.

Source: Krone


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