England rejected Justin Kluivert’s work permit


The Fulhamwhich closed with the attacker’s integration Justin Kuivert, had to reverse the operation because the footballer did not receive the work permit.

Kluivert, who belonged to Rome, had he has agreed to his transfer to Fulham, for around ten million pounds (12 million euros), but he did not receive a work permit from the English federation, as they considered that He hasn’t played enough for his club.

The Dutchman spent the last two seasons in debtfirst in RB Leipzig and later Nice French, where he joined as a starter; however, he has not played enough for his club Roma for the FA to deem him eligible for a work permit.

According to FA standards, a footballer must have fifteen points, divided into different places such as matches played in the league, international competitions and national team matches, among others, to receive a work permit and Kluivert was only eleven.

Source: La Verdad


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