“With population” – election campaign: Doskozil and Kickl in the image conflict


Both the SPÖ and the FPÖ are “in a coalition with the population”. “Who came first?” voters ask. The motto for the upcoming election campaign is causing a stir. The backgrounds.

The super election year is casting its shadows ahead. Whether it concerns the National Council, the EU Parliament or the state parliament: every election campaign will be tough. The political messages are clear. Social Democratic governor Hans Peter Doskozil sees himself “in coalition with the population”.

Same slogan
The same motto now appeared on the portrait of the Liberal Federal Chairman Herbert Kickl. The accusation from the red camp is that the FPÖ leader copied this slogan from Doskozil.

A plagiarism?
A sideways swipe with a sharp pen: “Since the political creed of our state governor is now apparently being copied and a pointless campaign is being paved out of it, I take the liberty of sending an honorarium from the SPÖ Burgenland,” SPÖ state manager Jasmin Puchwein posted a message on Facebook, addressed to the FPÖ in Vienna. Cheerful plagiarism warning!

There’s no reason for the Blues to be angry; they deflect such criticism calmly and at the same time with surprise. “The SPÖ Burgenland put forward the slogan after the 2020 elections,” said Puchwein.

Criticism from ÖVP
Election campaign, yes, but please don’t exaggerate! With this request, Georg Rosner, ÖVP mayor of Oberwart, responded to the heated debate about the ‘main ban’ demanded by his own party. After criticism from the ÖVP of the state governor’s “disguised media empire” and his party political calculations in reports in magazines such as “Mein Burgenland”, SPÖ club chairman Roland Fürst played back the ball.

Balance in focus
Fürst countered that the Oberwart mayor’s face appeared an average of 28 times in each issue of the city news. “I appear 28 times, our SPÖ deputy mayor 25 times,” Rosner replied. The ÖVP politician emphasized that he strives for balance and a fair working atmosphere in the community.

Too often, a wrong image is conveyed, he noted. An example: According to the magazine “Mein Burgenland”, the state is investing €45 million in the Oberwart education campus. “I am very grateful for the support. “The state contribution amounts to 15 million euros, with the municipality paying two-thirds,” Rosner explains.

Source: Krone


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