Noise protection: – New opportunity to have a say in flight routes


The Ministry of Transport and Climate Protection announced on Sunday that citizens now have the opportunity to become directly involved in the design of flight routes. Suggestions for improvements to existing arrival and departure routes and comments on a new definition or change can be sent to Austro Control online. In this way a “fair balance of interests” between the population affected by noise, aviation and passengers should be achieved.

High levels of noise pollution affect the quality of life and health. That’s why airports will be required to charge higher fees for noisy aircraft from this year onwards, the department said.

“More quality of life”
“With the new participation concept, citizens can now participate for the first time in determining the arrival and departure routes to and from the airport. This increases public participation in the handling of air traffic and ensures more transparency,” said Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens). Those affected are therefore better informed and more involved: “Through this public participation, we also enable greater noise avoidance and a better quality of life.”

The new participation process will start next Sunday. Austro Control will structurally evaluate the concerns raised and their feasibility, and the process and decision must be documented in an understandable manner.

The company wants to make its work in handling air traffic “even more transparent, give citizens the opportunity to actively participate in this process and make concrete suggestions for improvement,” said directors Valerie Hackl and Philipp Piber.

Source: Krone


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