Supreme Court prosecutors consider Puigdemont the “absolute” leader of the Tsunami


Prosecutor Fidel Cadena is writing the majority report at the request of the Supreme Court’s lieutenant prosecutor, who must establish criteria.

The Supreme Court (TS) prosecutors, who favored an investigation into the former Catalan president and Junts member of the European Parliament, Carlos Puigdemontthey designate him in their report as terrorism the ‘absolute’ leader of Democratic tsunami for his “intellectual and ethical protection”.

This is what the prosecutor noted Fidel Cadena in 14 pages, recording the sentiments of the prosecutors of the First Criminal Division of the Supreme Court, who voted in favor on February 6 Puigdemont investigated for terrorism in the cause of Democratic tsunami.

At that meeting of prosecutors, 15 members voted 11 to 4 that there was sufficient evidence to take action against Puigdemont and the deputy of parliament. Ruben Wagensberg –both certified– and, by a vote of 12 to 3, that there may be terrorist crimes.

In this way they destroyed the TS prosecutor’s report Alvaro Redondowho, on the other hand, understood that there are no rational indications of crime against Puigdemont and Wagensberg, and did not detect crimes of terrorism, but of serious public disorder, falsification of documents, coercion and damage.

However, the two presidents of the first section, Fidel Cadena – one of the four prosecutors in the “trials” process – and Joaquín Sánchez-Covisa, showed opposing positions. The first was against Redondo’s report and the second in favor, which led to her hierarchical superior, the lieutenant prosecutor of the Supreme Court. María Ángeles Sánchez-Condewhich must resolve the conflict by unifying the criteria of the Public Prosecution Service in this matter.

Cadena, who wrote the text at the request of Sánchez-Conde, defends that the majority of the board of prosecutors ‘plenty of evidence’ that recognizes ‘absolute leadership’ and ‘intellectual authorship’ from Puigdemont.

“Encouraged” acts of violence

According to him, the former Catalan president “could have prevented the erosion of legal rights” by withdrawing his “charismatic support” but “instead he encouraged them to continue the violent actions carried out with his knowledge and consent executed.”

The signatories defend that Judge Manuel García Castellón’s reasoned statement “reveals the existence of a plurality of criminal offenses committed by the movement.” Democratic tsunami“.

Source: EITB


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