OPE Ertzaintza 2024 280 places for the Euskal Polizia


This will be the fourth convocation of the legislature for the Euskal Polizia. A total of 2,124 positions were offered in four years, 1,549 with the Ertzaintza and 575 with the local police in 53 municipalities of the BAC.

The Security Council Member, Josu Erkoreka, and the President of Eudel, Esther Apraiz, presented this morning the new call for 280 places in the Euskal Poliziaplaces corresponding to the basic scale for citizen security of the Ertzaintza and 21 local police officers and police forces of the Basque Autonomous Community. Specialized positions are also included that can be incorporated directly into the Ertzaintza’s Traffic and Road Safety Units and criminal investigation teams.

The call will be published in the BOPV on Thursday, February 22. The deadline for submitting applications starts from Friday, until March 21 next year.

It will be the fifth joint selection and training process for officers of the Ertzaintza and local police forces of Euskadi, which will allow “the approval of their level of police preparation and attention to citizens”, as indicated by the Ministry of Security of the Government. .

In the same way, the Executive emphasizes that with this call it has fulfilled its promise to convene an annual selection process for agents, “a promise intended to guarantee generational changes, the rejuvenation of the workforce and to ensure the progressive Baskization of the agents promote. so that Basque is the main language both internally and with the Basque citizens”.

A total of 1,537 officers from all levels of the Ertzaintza retired during this term. In the same period, 1,684 men and women ended up in the basic scale.

For example, in September 2020 the Ertzaintza had a staff of 7,382 officers, and four years later There are 7,765 officers in the regional police.

“Big step” in equality

The Minister of Security also emphasized that this fourth OPE will take “a giant step” in the integration of women in the Euskal Polizia. In fact, the percentage of women joining Arkaute currently exceeds 37%, with equal access considered when that figure reaches 40%.

With the aim of improving the percentage of women who choose to be part of the Euskal Polizia, the Executive has presented a new campaign, in which women will be the protagonists.

Presenting this new call, the President of Eudel emphasized the “usefulness” of carrying out joint PPOs between the executive and the municipalities, because “they allow us to save resources, personnel and time in the organization of the selection processes and, moreover, offers total legal certainty for municipal authorities.”

Source: EITB


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