‘International treaties prevent the refusal of assistance in terrorism’


Yesterday, Swiss authorities issued a resolution refusing to give information to García Castellón about Marta Rovira because they saw a “political character” in her investigation.

The judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón responded to the Swiss authorities that the international treaties signed between the two countries prevent the rejection of legal assistance requested for political reasons in a terrorism case, and considers it “inadmissible” for them to request explanations about the amnesty.

In a strong order, the magistrate investigates the case of Democratic tsunami responded to yesterday’s resolution of the Swiss authorities asking him to expand the evidence of terrorism against the Secretary General of the ERC, Marta Rovirato determine whether his request to locate her has a ‘political’ character, which would prevent him from cooperating with the Spanish justice system.

García-Castellón strongly disagrees with this, because, he emphasizes, international treaties prevent Switzerland from rejecting the requested legal assistance because it concerns a procedure in which terrorist crimes are investigated.

In 2020, the Swiss justice department already rejected a similar request when it saw no signs of terrorism. That is why Switzerland blames the Spanish judge for insisting on requesting the same information that was refused four years ago for the same case.

Source: EITB


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