Ex-chancellor in conversation – Vranitzky reveals the secret of the grand coalition


The new ‘Krone’ podcast ‘Super Election Year’ starts on Thursday. Former Chancellor Vranitzky is a guest in the first episode. He talks about Jörg Haider, Herbert Kickl and the recipe for success of the grand coalition.

If there is a politician who is synonymous with the successful coalition between the SPÖ and ÖVP, it is former Chancellor Franz Vranitzky. A form of coalition that could celebrate a comeback. It is an open secret that the SPÖ and ÖVP are flirting with each other with the aim of forming a coalition after the National Council elections.

Given these prospects, former SPÖ Chancellor Franz Vranitzky was the best guest for the first episode of the new political podcast “Super Election Year”.

“Alois Mock never complained about me”
The two domestic policy experts from the “Krone”. Rainer Nowak And Ida Metzger will conduct interviews with political figures once a week in the super-election year of 2024, which will focus on six national elections and the campaign for the White House. In the first episode, Vranitzky describes why dealing with Jörg Haider was difficult and why Haider “quickly lost his trust”.

Even then, negotiations in the grand coalition were tough. “It often took me three weeks to convince Alois Mock about capital gains tax, for example. But once the decision was made, Mock never complained about me to third parties again.” That was the recipe for success of the SPÖ and ÖVP at the time. This is something not to forget in the autumn.

The podcast “Superwahljahr” goes online every Thursday on krone.at and can also be subscribed to on all podcast platforms.

Source: Krone


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