The big interview – How bitter is this judgment for you, Mr. Kurz?


15 hours after the historic, non-legal ruling, Sebastian Kurz (37) talks to Conny Bischofberger about credibility and fighting spirit, Thomas Schmid and Vladimir Putin, the support of his friends and why it is ‘business as usual’ for him until the next hearing .

The espresso machine hums at the reception of SK Management GmbH in an elegant Wilhelminian-style building on Vienna’s Ringstrasse. Four employees came to join their boss this morning at the “Krone” interview. “I am happy,” says Sebastian Kurz, welcoming the video journalist, the photographer and me, “despite the circumstances.” He looks the same as always, same jacket, same shirt. Just a little more serious.

The ‘circumstances’ are serious: a guilty verdict by a former Austrian head of government is unique in history; the lawyers have already filed an appeal. The Saturday edition “Krone” is in front of us on the large glass table. The headline reads “His Bitterest Hour” and is also the introduction to our hour-long conversation.

“Kron”:Mr. Kurz, how did you sleep after Friday’s ruling and for how long?

Source: Krone


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