The Supreme Court opens a case to investigate Puigdemont for terrorism in the “Democratic Tsunami Case”


The Criminal Chamber unanimously decides to open a case against the former Catalan president, despite the advice against the Public Prosecutor’s Office on the terrorist crime in the platform protests after the ‘trial’ verdict.

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court has unanimously decided to declare itself competent open case to investigate and, where necessary, prosecute the former President of the Generalitat Carlos Puigdemontcurrent Member of the European Parliament, and deputy of the Catalan Parliament Ruben Wagensberg for terrorist crimes in connection with the events investigated in the ‘Democratic Tsunami’ case.

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court made this decision contrary to the criteria of the Public Prosecution Service of the Supreme Court. The lieutenant prosecutor of the Supreme Court, María Ángeles Sánchez Conde, asked the court a few days ago to return the “Democratic Tsunami” case to the National Court, after not finding sufficient evidence of criminality against the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont and the deputy Rubén Wagensberg.

The magistrates now conclude that with regard to these two certified persons, it is ‘necessary and pertinent that they be summoned to the proceedings, to be heard as investigated, with all the rights and guarantees provided by our legal system. cannot be carried out by the researcher, but only by this House of Representatives because it is a matter of capacity. The Supreme Court makes this decision after analyzing the reasoned statement of the Judge of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, in which he sets out the evidence that, in his opinion, proves the participation of the two suspects in the events under investigation.

A decision announced this Thursday also declares the Chamber’s inability to instruct and, where necessary, assess the other ten people under investigation, who are not certified, as the inseparable unit of behavior that the Chamber itself requires to prevent competition with regard to non-certified persons.

As reported by the Supreme Court, an instructor has been appointed in accordance with the service established for the magistrate Susana Polo.

Source: EITB


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