What exactly are normal families?


A good parental relationship is the most important thing for children – regardless of whether the parents are husband and wife, married, patchwork or queer. Unfortunately, there are still many reservations.

Lesbian, gay and bisexual parents are often under enormous pressure to demonstrate their parenting skills and emphasize themselves in order to present a particularly “normal family.” “You want to attract as little attention as possible so as not to expose your child to even more discrimination. “In the long term, it takes the lightness out of family life,” says Nicole (38).

Rainbow families are discriminated against

This chronic stress can cause mental and physical illness. Since 2015, in Austria it has been possible for women in same-sex relationships to fulfill their desire to have children through sperm donation – and they are immediately recognized as parents, at least legally. Men can realize their desire for fatherhood through fostering or adopting a child.

Socially, however, things are not looking rosy with the recognition of rainbow families. There are still concerns among queer parents. Schools are not very prepared for children from rainbow families. Should a real family consist of a mother and a father?

Good parental relationship – regardless of whether there are two fathers (or mothers).
Research shows that the only thing that is important for the development of children is that they have a good relationship with their parents. It doesn’t matter if these are two mothers or two fathers. In Austria there are several family forms that cannot be ignored. Schools must reflect this social reality and help reduce prejudice.

Source: Krone


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