After a routine check-up, Doskozil operated on the larynx for the seventh time


After a routine check-up at the clinic in Leipzig, corrective surgery was necessary. In a few days the governor of Burgenland will be back in power, but for now he is doing his business from home.

Governor Hans Peter Doskozil of Burgenland again had corrective surgery performed on his larynx. It was the seventh operation in this regard.

The procedure was advisable because the check-up revealed a small, benign growth in the area where surgery was last performed in November 2023. Doskozil’s treating physician, Andreas Dietz, recommended this short, minor procedure because it would ensure the fastest possible healing process.

The clinical picture itself – a rare but harmless hardening of the cartilage structure of the larynx, requiring the removal of ossified areas at irregular intervals – has not changed.

Working from home for a few days for the time being
Doskozil survived the operation well and is already recovering. The SPÖ politician is in constant contact with his staff and his government team and discusses all current topics.

“He will return to Burgenland in the coming days and will initially conduct his official business from home,” his office said. “A routine has already been established in dealing with his chronic illness and it is working smoothly.”

Source: Krone


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