AMS board member Draxl: – Educational leave may not extend parental leave


AMS board member Petra Draxl has now also spoken out in the debate on educational leave. “There are two to three points of criticism that we at AMS believe should also be changed.” For example, about a third of recipients were previously on parental leave.

“Educational leave may not de facto be extended parental leave. “I am a big believer in women educating themselves during their maternity leave,” says Petra Draxl, board member of AMS. Currently, there are not always the right offers for young mothers. “I am in favor of women returning to work quickly, but that is not possible with a 16-hour online computer course package,” she gives as an example. For example, mandatory advice before taking educational leave is conceivable for them.

Draxl no longer believes in major changes in this reign. Minister of Labor and Economy Martin Kocher (ÖVP) said in early March that he hoped to work with the Greens on the reform of educational leave. But this is not laid down in the government program.

“Companies are getting nervous”
Educational leave currently takes place with the consent of the employer and employee and can last from two months to a year. The additional training must cover at least 20 hours per week; for children under the age of seven, 16 hours per week is sufficient. During this period, the Employment Service (AMS) pays an income that is lower than the last wage. An additional income that does not exceed one and a half times a marginal income is also possible.

There is currently discussion about limiting additional income for the unemployed. “If I work part-time on top of unemployment, that is not abuse,” Draxl said. Currently there are approximately 28,000 people. The AMS board member expects that unemployment will continue to rise this year, ‘but we don’t know yet to what extent.’ ‘We assume that the companies will retain a lot of staff, but they are getting nervous.’

Source: Krone


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