Babler adds: – “Only ruins remain of forts”


Right-wing parties want a ‘Prison Europe’, SPÖ leader Andreas Babler said recently. Now he went on to criticize the term ‘Fortress Europe.’ “Historically, only ruins of forts remain,” Babler said Friday. The SPÖ announced that it would begin its intensive campaign for the EU elections after Easter (see video above).

The aim of the campaign is to stop the advance of right-wing extremists, supported by the conservatives, SPÖ leader Babler said. There is currently a threat of “Orbanization” – according to him, the funds should not have been released to Hungary – in Europe, in Austria this is done through the FPÖ. Marine Le Pen, the AfD and Kickl would call for an “attack on democracy and freedom”. By this, the politician meant, for example, attacks on media freedom and the self-determination rights of women.

Against social policy
According to its own statement, the SPÖ mainly fights the right with an active social policy. On Friday, she promoted lower energy prices, a return of drug production to Europe, measures against wage dumping and better working conditions in the transport sector. Babler also spoke out in favor of the implementation of the EU supply chain law, which the Austrian government did not vote on.

The Austrian duo for the EU elections consists of Andreas Schieder and Evelyn Reger. Like the other applicants, you will tour all states from the beginning of April. Support comes from, among others, Europe’s leading candidate Nicolas Schmit.

Source: Krone


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