Drexler new to the top – ‘We still need to do something about his popularity’


In Styria it’s happening in quick succession this Friday: Five hours after Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer (ÖVP) announced his resignation, he appeared before the press along with his designated successor Christopher Drexler and praised him on the green clover – on Drexler’s popularity but you have yet to work a little.

The political leadership in Styria will be reorganized: ÖVP Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer will step down as governor and his successor will be State Councilor Christopher Drexler. On Friday afternoon, the 22-member board of the state party unanimously elected him as chairman of the state party.

SPÖ will be Drexler . select
On July 4 and 5, Drexler will be elected as the new state governor in the state parliament. The coalition partner SPÖ under Anton Lang had already agreed to Drexler’s election, Schützenhöfer reported. “Christopher will also talk to all the other parties to see if he takes a leap of faith.” Drexler also later stressed that he would hold talks with the opposition – thanking the SPÖ for the trust.

Schützenhofer promised to withdraw from current politics from the beginning of July. He will remain formally chairman of the state party until the state party conference on September 16 and 17, when Drexler will also assume the position.

“There are fault lines in politics”
In his opening speech, Schützenhöfer once again looked back on his political career, emphasized how important it was for him to have an orderly transfer (“I set the dates myself”) and how concerned he was about the developments of recent years. . “We are partly in the headlines, the content often does not follow. There are fault lines in the republic. The inhibitions have fallen, it has been criminalized.”

Schützenhöfer said: “I felt the time was right.” Schützenhöfer stood up to his successor Drexler: “He can lead the country, is a strategist with the best connections to Vienna.” Then a remarkably humorous postscript: “We had to do something else for his popularity? A provincial governor doesn’t come out of the blue.”

“Lehrbua” from Schützenhöfer . for 30 years
Drexler spoke, partly fighting back tears, of a “moving day”. He was overwhelmed with joy for years to come. The future head of state also stressed that he still had a lot to learn “to reach the size of his predecessor”. Yes, he even described himself as Schützenhöfer’s “30-year-old apprentice”.

He will use the coming weeks until the session of the state parliament for preparation, many discussions and above all listen, listen, listen. He wanted to know what moves the Styrian markers and what concerns they have. There is no change in the “Styrian way of working” – there is also a clear commitment to the government program with the SPÖ.

It is not yet clear who will succeed Drexler as state councilor. That will happen in the next two to three weeks. Another restructuring of the government team is not planned, but the division of departments could change.

“I will not feed pigeons”
And what will Schützenhöfer do in the political pension? “It will certainly be difficult in the beginning, I have lived 24 hours for politics. But I will not feed pigeons…”

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