Eva López de Arroyabe asks for big agreements so that Álava becomes “a better place”


EH Bildu’s candidate for general deputy for Álava presented her candidacy this Saturday, advocating “a different model of society”.

Euskaraz irakurri: Eva Lopez de Arroyabek akordio handiak eskatu ditu, Araba “leku hobea” izan dadin

The EH Bildu’s candidate for general deputy of ÁlavaEva López de Arroyabe, presented her candidacy this Saturday in Araia, where she called for “the search for urgent solutions for those who see how their quality of life is deteriorating by the day”.

“I look to the future because EH Bildu was born to look to the future. It was born as a confluence of different people to provide a sovereign country where people are central, where freedom is capitalized and where a different model of society possible,” he said.

In that sense, he has promised to do everything on his part so that “this dream comes true, because the great challenge is make Araba a better place“. A place that guarantees a decent life today and prepares to offer it to future generations as well. We owe that to him,” he says.

In his opinion, the area faces major challenges, such as the climate or the demographicalthough it has placed special emphasis on seeking urgent solutions for those who see their quality of life deteriorating by the day.

He has insisted that the multiple crisesexacerbated by the invasion of Ukraine, are already causing important economic consequences in society and that, given this situation, it is a priority to prevent impoverishment and the increase of social inequalities.

“I also look with concern to the present, to those who have trouble getting the most basic products, those who can’t fill the tank with gasoline, or those who have to choose between eating or turning on the electricity and gas. their rights cannot return to be a heathen from this crisis. We cannot leave anyone behind,” she added.

The deputy general candidate has also claimed big land deals to meet these major strategic challenges. “We believe that we have lost an entire legislature and that we live in a constant improvisation where no solutions are given. We have to face today’s problems and offer structural solutions, and for that we have to join forces and create new articulate political alliances. That is, why we demand shared reflections and country agreements,” he claimed.

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Source: EITB


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