Aftermath in Innsbruck – Incorrect election graphs leave room for speculation


After seeing a fake ORF election graph, the ‘Equitable Innsbruck’ team led by the articulate list leader Gerald Depaoli applies to the main election authority to have the results of the municipal and mayoral elections verified. Only his application was received on time. Electoral challenges to the Constitutional Court are still possible for a longer period.

GR Gerald Depaoli acknowledged a number of inconsistencies in the Innsbruck elections on April 14. He therefore submitted a “request for review of the determination of the election results” to the main election authority.

Spreading results incorrect?
The main reason for this is a graph of the city of Innsbruck that was shown on ORF on election night April 14. “The graphical representation of the results differs significantly from the provisional results of the municipal elections,” explains GR Depaoli: “In total, the result is around 120 percent and that is without the KPÖ campaign group. The reason for this questionable graphical representation could only be incorrectly entered district results,” the city council speculates.

It cannot therefore be ruled out that “the data (bombings) for the provisional final results of the mayoral and municipal elections have been entered incorrectly in whole or in part and that errors may have occurred in the creation of the graphic representation”.

“The main electoral authority must dispel doubts”
Depaoli also questions how it was possible to report on Willi-Anzengruber’s election trends at 5 p.m. on election day, when the city had communicated several times that there would be no results before 7 p.m.

The number of votes cast varies
Depaoli sees the fact that the number of votes cast in the mayoral and municipal elections is not identical, but differs by 17 votes, as a further indication of possible malfunctions in data entry or processing and refers to the Babler-Doskozil party conference of the Federal SPÖ. When it comes to Innsbruck, Depaoli says it is human to make mistakes, “with this countless number of explosion results and a given short time period.”

The period for appeal is running
A query from the “Krone” to the electoral authority revealed that a request for review had been submitted at the end of the deadline last Saturday. A distinction must be made between this and the possibility of challenging the elections before the Constitutional Court. The deadline for this is four weeks after the end of the election process. All groups of voters who have submitted election proposals in a timely manner have the right to contest.

Source: Krone


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