KPÖ Makes Progress – First Party Announces: “We Won’t Choose Drexler”


Styria will have a new governor in July. Will the opposition trust Christopher Drexler? The KPÖ already rejects it, the other three parties are considering.

From the point of view of the ÖVP, it would be a particularly successful start for new governor Christopher Drexler if all parties – not just the coalition partner SPÖ – put their trust in him at the special session of the state parliament in early July. But according to research by “Steirerkrone” it is already clear: nothing comes of it.

KPÖ has made a decision
“We will not vote for Christopher Drexler,” KPÖ club president Claudia Klimt-Weithaler confirmed. Reason: As a health councilor, the 51-year-old was “leader in hospital closures”. And even after two years of pandemic, the People’s Party is not ready to change course. The KPÖ votes would therefore “be too big a leap of faith,” says Klimt-Weithaler, who emphasizes the good personal foundation for conversations with Drexler.

The Greens around club president Sandra Krautwaschl are still very reluctant. No decision has been made yet, but will be informed in a club meeting.

FPÖ Approval Is Unlikely
You don’t want to push through with the FPÖ either. The liberals want to consult first; that they vote for Drexler is considered unlikely. Especially because party leader Mario Kunasek already drew attention on Friday with “preliminary criticism”: Drexler first had to convince his party because he was not undisputed internally. Plus, he didn’t exactly make himself popular as a health councilor – keyword hospital closures.

NEOS call for a hearing
The condition that NEOS places on support for black hopes for the future is again original: as is customary with university professors, for example, the future head of government must undergo a public hearing. Party leader Niko Swatek: “He must answer the citizens’ questions.”

Source: Krone


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