Side swipe at the Greens? – NEOS promote climate protection before the EU elections


The NEOS are campaigning for the United States in the EU election campaign and now also for climate protection (see video above). “We must go further so that we can achieve the climate goals in 2030,” says EU candidate Anna Stürkgh. The EU’s Green Deal was put forward without any Greens.

“We are not sinking into chaos,” said NEOS boss Beate Meinl-Reisinger, commenting on the current turbulence among the Greens. She does not think that this has led to the party now placing more emphasis on climate policy. Moreover, the NEOS would also “pursue climate policy with heart and soul,” said EU leader Helmut Brandstätter, referring to the election slogans of Green candidate Lena Schilling.

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This must be linked to the economy. “We cannot stop climate change if we don’t have the economy on board,” Stürgkh said. At the same time, the economy has no future if it does not adapt to climate change. In concrete terms, the party proposes, among other things, practical climate laws, a uniform European CO₂ price and the reduction of climate-damaging subsidies.

The NEOS also reiterated their call for an exit from Russian gas. The SPÖ, on the other hand, is not reliable in its position on Russia, the ÖVP lacks a positive view of the opportunities offered by climate change and the FPÖ ‘instigates’ a departure from the EU. The EU policy of the other parties is conducted under the motto “Wash me, but don’t wet me”.

Source: Krone


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