Sainz: “Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari start with equal chance to win Monaco”


Sainz: “Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari start with equal chance to win Monaco”

Confidence and above all, eager to get out on the track to win. This is how it is presented Carlos Sainz in preview of GP Monaco when he attended the press present at the Principality, along with MD. The Madrid driver considers that although his car has not been the best this year in qualifying and in the slow corners, they have been able to make changes to the red car in all areas to show a certain maximum load package that allows him to qualify for all. with the “equal opportunity with respect to McLaren and Red Bull.”

The Spanish driver considers that the fight for victory, where It completely depends on Saturday’s classification Since it was so difficult to advance between the city walls, he was confident that he could “taking the opportunity” is left over “a special circuit”, where he always scores points and has been very good since he drove here for the first time in the World Series, before jumping to Formula 1. “It will be very close and any of the top teams can win,” he pointed out. He expects to be the one raising his hands above the box in his final Monaco GP with ‘cavallino’ on his chest.

“Monaco is always special, no matter the year or time. We all mark it on the calendar as a very special race. I love racing here. I have good memories because it was here that I made my first podium with Ferrari in 2021. I was close to winning in 2022 and if that famous pit stop had gone better, but overall, I really like racing here. You have to keep an open mind, because this is one of those circuits where anyone can win. Among the top teams, anyone who does a good qualifying lap can be presented with a chance to win. So let’s go.”he pointed out.

“I think, on ‘normal’ circuits, we would say that Red Bull is always the favorite. But when you come to Monaco, I think we are in a position where on street circuits we have to be more open to thinking and the The opportunity can come at any time. argument.

“We know that this year the classification is not our strong point, but I think with some changes and a circuit that I hope is favorable for our car we can win. We just need to do a good lap in Q3 and then a good race strategy. McLaren and Red Bull start at the same times as us. They can win too. But we’ll have our chance and we’ll do it.”he added

“Looking at it from a very honest point of view, I think all the top teams can win in Monaco. It’s a special track that requires a very good starting lap in qualifying, a clean lap to win. It will be very close. We started with equal opportunities. Slow corners are not our strength this year, we know that, and not qualifying either, which is what matters in Monaco, but that doesn’t mean our goal is not to win. We have that goal and we will try,” Sainz reiterated, confident and hopeful.

“We have been analyzing the last two weeks why Monaco was not our best weekend because we expected to perform very well. We try to understand it to have a better package this year,” he declared, confident that his car can be very competitive this year. end of the week.

Source: La Verdad


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