The Gernika-Lumo municipal council on standby, one year after the municipal elections


The Gernika-Lumo municipal council on standby, one year after the municipal elections

José María Gorroño became mayor with the support of the PNV, but with the condition that he would resign in a month and a half and his brother would take over. However, he did not do this and remains mayor. PNV and EH Bildu denounce the ‘municipal paralysis’ and keep all options on the table.

This Monday is fulfilled one year after the establishment of the municipal councils derived from the 2023 municipal elections in the BAC and the atmosphere is tense in Gernika-Lumo. Still in the mayor’s office José Maria Gorroñothe same who said he would resign within a month and a half of taking office, the opposition cannot agree to depose him and the tension caused by the situation has aggravated the labor tensions already registered in recent years and which have led to municipal workers hold a protest meeting this week against the ‘already endemic problems’.

Since December last year PNV and EH Bildu are investigating the possibility of submitting a motion of censure against the mayor of the platform Guztiontzako Herria, José María Gorroño, but it has not been performed until now. The opportunity was close a few months ago, but the differences between both nationalist formations regarding the Guggenheim Urdaibai project They frustrated the decision.

On the eve of the first anniversary of the mayors’ inauguration, EITB Media spoke with both Gorroño and opposition leaders to find out where the situation stands. The mayor defends that he has “a clear conscience” and asks the Yeltzales to resume negotiations. These in turn accuse the councilor of only thinking about himself and EH Bildu in turn wants to take on municipal leadership.

It should be remembered that in May 2023 EH Bildu was the party with the most votes in Gernika-Lumothe platform Guztiontzako Herria, created by Gorroño, was the second and the PNV the third. Days before taking office, Gorroño signed one government agreement with Bizkai Buru Batzar In order to retain the office of mayor, but with one condition, he had to resign a month and a half after taking office and his brother Iñaki took over the office of mayor. Juan Mari Gorroño, who also governed the last term in coalition with the PNV, had broken with the municipal group in 2022 and they didn’t want him to remain mayor.

After the agreement was reached, Juan Mari Gorroño took over as mayor did not resign and remains in office. The PNV accuses the mayor of ‘breaking his word’, but he says so the PNV that has not complied and that he remains in office “because the PNV does not intend to respect the agreement and appoint his brother as mayor.”

The opposition denounces the ‘municipal paralysis’

The councilor and leader of EAJ-PNV in Gernika-Lumo, Xabier Irazabal, It is clear that what Gorroño says “is an excuse.” “A year ago there was an opportunity for a solid government, but he decided that the promise he had made publicly would not be kept and that he would remain in the mayor’s office, knowing that this would mean instability, but it does he doesn’t care, all that matters to him is that he stays in the mayor’s office,” Irazabal said in front of the EITB buses.

Irazabal also does not believe in his offer to negotiate. “All year long we have seen that he has no need for cooperation or negotiation and what this country needs is more cooperation and more consensus, and less authoritarianism, less imposition,” he said.

They have not made it clear whether they are prepared to support a motion of censure. but he has pointed out that “all options are on the table“We have all options open, because one thing is clear: the situation cannot stay like this, the people cannot stay like this. “We see the paralysis and neglect of this government and it must end.”

In the same vein, from EH Bildu They also talk about ‘paralysis’. The spokesman for the Abertzale coalition, José Ramón Bilbao, He is clear: “Anyone can make up a story, but a year has passed and nothing has changed. The situation of paralysis by personalism and a lack of will and ability to reach agreements continues.”

“This country has signaled that it wants new leadership, that leadership must be collaborative and that we have a responsibility to assume that leadership. All solution options are open and an agreement is required to work for Gernika. We are prepared to take on leadership. Bilbao held on.

Currently, Gorroño governs in a minority with six council members (EH Bildu also has 6 and PNV 5). Wear 17 years as mayor of Gernika: by 2007 to 2011 with Eusko Alkartasuna. By 2011 to 2015 with Bildu (EA + nationalist left), out 2015 to 2019 under the name Euzko Albertzaleak (EA-NV), ruling in coalition with the PNV. By 2019 to 2023 He repeated the previous formula, but in 2022 he broke with the PNV and created a Guztiontzako Herria for the next elections. In 2023 he came second with this new party and reached the aforementioned agreement with the PNV to remain mayor.

Source: EITB


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