Drama about renaturation – Gewessler in a good mood: “It touches me deeply!”


Drama about renaturation – Gewessler in a good mood: “It touches me deeply!”

Austria’s yes to the EU renaturation law has led to a violent coalition row. Chancellor Nehammer even announced charges against Green Party Minister Leonore Gewessler for alleged abuse of office. While the ÖVP and parts of the peasantry rage, the politician rarely seems relaxed.

Gewessler released a video Wednesday afternoon to thank her supporters — including a big smile. They have received “an incredible amount of great news” in recent days. “Even letters,” said the Minister of Climate Protection.

Gewessler thanks you for your support
Although the relationship with the coalition partner has reached a new low, the minister appeared relaxed. She wanted to say ‘thank you’: ‘It touches me deeply how many people care about good, beautiful, intact nature and a good future for all of us in this country and in Europe.’

The full video statement to watch:

Now the motto should be: “Roll up your sleeves, keep working, for a good future.” The atmosphere in the ÖVP is completely different. The People’s Party announced a complaint against Gewessler for abuse of office, Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) spoke of a “more than serious breach of trust” and the Greens had shown their “true face”.

Kogler ignores the ÖVP threat
The Green camp says: “We are looking at these announcements very calmly, also from a legal point of view,” confirms party leader Werner Kogler, because “after all, all steps have been legally recorded.”

The EU Renaturation Act is a central part of the comprehensive climate protection package “Green Deal”, which aims to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. The overall goal is the long-term and sustainable recovery of biologically diverse and resilient ecosystems. The goal: reforested forests, wetted heaths and more natural river courses and thus the preservation of biodiversity.

The ÖVP sees this as a threat to the range of agriculture and emphasizes that Austria is already doing enough in the field of renaturation.

Source: Krone


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