Gastro chairman is clear: – “The time when the customer is king is over”


Gastro chairman is clear: – “The time when the customer is king is over”

The times when you think you enter a restaurant and the customer is king – meaning he can pay for anything – are long gone, explains Peter Dobcak, chairman of the catering group at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, in the interview with krone .TV. He advocates that companies stand up for their employees when they have to deal with annoying guests. Because: “Nowadays it is more difficult to find employees than guests.”

The turning point of the pandemic lasted relatively short. “In the beginning there was a lot of understanding, according to the motto: ‘Together we can do it,’” says Dobcak. Now guests are becoming more impatient again and understanding is waning. At the same time, it is common knowledge that there is a shortage of skilled workers.

As Dobcak explains, it takes a lot of effort for companies to recruit employees. This also means that working conditions must be improved and that employees must be supported and valued. With unpleasant guests you should say stop: “The guest buys the service and not the person. I expect companies to clearly support their employees if a guest simply drops by. Then the entrepreneur or restaurant manager must lead the conversation. If things don’t go well, all you have to do is say goodbye to the guest. Nowadays it is more difficult to find employees than guests.”

“You have taken a youth perspective”
The skilled labor shortage itself is at the same time a “sad and interesting mix,” Dobcak explains. In short, there would be a change in perception about the work itself. “I understand that young people say that the circumstances are such that they can never afford a house. Why would I work 100 hours a week? I’m lowering my standards and enjoying it now.” The perspective of the young people has been taken away and that is the responsibility of the politicians of the past ten years, says Dobcak, visibly angry. In the past you could achieve something if you put in the effort, but nowadays the chances are very slim. We must counter this.

You can see how the sector is doing in Vienna and more information, such as the new regulations for café gardens, in the video above!

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Source: Krone


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