Ernai files a legal appeal against the fines received for protests


Ernai files a legal appeal against the fines received for protests

In application of the ‘Gag Law’, the Security Department has imposed fines of between 1,500 and 2,500 euros on 133 youths, for a total amount of 290,500 euros, after they took part in protests in Ernai last year.

The political youth organization Ernai have filed the first judicial appeals against the 133 fines imposed by the Security Department of the Basque Government on many others identified during protests that took place in September 2023.

Representatives of Ernai appeared at a press conference in front of the Palace of Justice, where they were present to present the first five judicial appeals. The others will be presented gradually, as each sanction has its deadlines. According to the group’s lawyer, Maddi Bilbao, the government has interpreted the law “unfavorably” and “disproportionately”.

“From a legal point of view,” he said, the sanctions imposed are “highly questionable” because they “collide” with “the right to demonstrate and to freedom of expression that all citizens have.” The lawyer emphasizes that the protests were peaceful.

The fines were imposed by the Basque government’s security department on the 133 identified on September 22 during protests by Ernai members who chained themselves and blocked traffic at the government subdelegation in Bilbao and at the Ertzaintza police station in Vitoria- Gasteiz, in protest against the imprisonment of Aitor Zelaia and Galder Barbado. When applying the ‘Gag law’133 fines of between 1,500 and 2,500 euros were imposed on them, for a total amount of 290 500 euros.

“If you thought we would be intimidated by this situation, you were wrong. In the coming months we will appear in court to face this verdict, respond collectively and oppose it,” said Amaiur Egurrola, spokesperson for Ernai.

Source: EITB


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