Discuss with us! – How much freedom is left after Corona?


After several lockdowns, company closures, travel restrictions and mask rules, nothing in our society is the same as before. How much have we changed and how much freedom remains after Corona? Katia Wagner will talk about this on Wednesday from 8:15 pm on krone.tv!

We can take off the masks this summer, but next fall will definitely come! Health Minister Johannes Rauch only speaks of a “breathing room” and is already announcing: “Corona is far from over. In the fall we will wear masks again!”. The old normality is still a long way off.

Autumn: 80,000 new infections a day expected
The experts also assume that another corona wave can be expected in the autumn, not least because of the new Omikron variant BA.5. They argue for increased vaccination to avoid extensive measures after the summer. The simulation figures do not promise anything good either: up to 80,000 new infections per day are expected.

MFG experienced the high season
After more than two years of pandemic, the way we live together has also changed. The concept of freedom has suffered enormously from the obligation to prove, the discussed mandatory vaccination and travel restrictions and movements that stand up for respect for fundamental rights – such as the much-discussed MFG – have reached their peak season.

Can the surveillance trend from China also benefit us?
A warning example of the freedom restriction caused by Corona is China with its “Zero Covid Strategy”. Reports of severe forced quarantines, drone operations and seamless surveillance also make us in Europe question whether this surveillance trend could also come to us.

How much freedom is left after Corona?
How much freedom do we have after Corona? Will we have restrictions again from the autumn or will “normality” return? Katia Wagner discusses this today at 8:15 pm on Krone TV with the federal party chairman of the MFG (People, Freedom, Fundamental Rights). Join the conversation and vote!

Katia Wagner, every Wednesday at 8:15 pm on krone.tv

In the program of the same name, Katia Wagner discusses socio-political issues that affect Austria with guests from politics and society every Wednesday.

Source: Krone


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