Mysterious Signs: Has China Spotted Aliens?


Excitement over the world’s largest radio telescope in China: An international team led by Chinese scientist Zhang Tonjie has received mysterious signals from space that are said to be significantly different from previous finds. According to Zhang, the signal could come from an alien civilization.

Zhang and his team stumbled upon the narrowband electromagnetic signal while analyzing data from observations of exoplanets, according to a Bloomberg report. This is different from previously recorded signals, reports Science and Technology Daily, a publication of the Chinese Ministry of Science.

Alien Civilization – Or Just A Disruption?
The post quotes Zhang as saying the signal could be an indication of an alien civilization. But he also admits it could just be a glitch. The statements immediately caused a stir on Chinese social media.

The item from China is now no longer available. It is unknown why it was removed. As early as 2020, Zhang and his team had reported unusual signals they discovered when evaluating data from the radio telescope, which was commissioned in 2016.

“FAST” is the largest radio telescope in the world
The so-called “Fivehundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope”, or “FAST” for short, is the largest telescope of its kind with a diameter of 520 meters and is located in the southern Chinese province of Guizhou. It is administered by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking Normal University and the University of California in the USA.

The radio telescope is also called “Sky Eye” – eye to the sky. The goal is the acquisition of electromagnetic signals from space. For example, these can come from pulsars, but theoretically also from well-developed alien civilizations.

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